Wix Vs WordPress: Which One You Should Choose to Build Up Your Website?

wix vs wordpress

Are you feeling confused between the Wix and WordPress that which one you should choose to build up a website? If yes, then drop all your worries now as we are here to help you decide which one is best for you by differentiating these two. Although, both names are popular and it is really tough to decide which one is good. 

WordPress is recognized as one of the best drag and drop editors which allows WordPress users to create a WordPress website easily without a single line of code. So, it allows even the amateur of WordPress to easily build up a professional-looking website without the help of any professional. Whereas the WordPress is also one of the leading site builder which is available at free of cost. It is remarkable to powering us more than 30% of websites over the internet.  

Detailed Comparison of Wix and WordPress:

Overall Performance 

Wix is an All-In-One Solution for website building that enables the users without any technical background to easily create a professional-looking website without a single line of code. It is specifically designed and developed while aiming the non-technical users.

And, WordPress is more powerful than the Wix, but it requires the technical knowledge as well to gain flexibility in work. It is bundled with broad functionality and a number of complex features with the help of which the WordPress users can easily create a fully customized website. 

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of use, then no one can beat Wix as it is remarkable to offer hassle-free website building experience. When you are using Wix, then you will find out that everything in Wix comes built-in and ready for the users to start website building. For ease of use, the users need to thanks the drag and drop editor which positively contributes to make the daunting task of users easier than before. Wix is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) website builder.

But when you will compare it with the WordPress, then you will experience that its functionality is quite complex than the Wix. it is complemented with a visual editor which helps the WordPress users to write the content more efficiently. Unlike Wix, WordPress is not a WYSIWYG website builder as you will not get to know how the content will look when the content will be live until you will not check out the preview.

Design and Customization

Bringing creativity in your website design is the highlight of the website to add an extraordinary look and feel to the websites. But, it comes to Wix then, it can be a perfect pick for a simple and easy to use page builder, but for design and customization, it is doubtful. The features of this page builder are quite restricted in comparison to WordPress.

Being a complex website builder, WordPress also comes with flexibility which allows the users to create a completely customized website from scratch with the support of highly advanced features. There is no limit to the designing and customization option in it as the users can easily customize any part of the website and can easily bring their imagined website design into reality. 

SEO Optimized Performance

When it comes to the SEO Optimized Performance, then there is a tie between Wix and WordPress as both of them offer outstanding SEO Performance for websites. The WordPress Website commonly uses the Yoast SEO Plugin or rank math and Wix Website prefers to use the Booster SEO plugin and both of these SEO Plugins have multiple numbers of revolutionary features. So, in the case of SEO, there is no Wix Vs WordPress. 

Pricing and Costs

When you are choosing a website building platform, then don’t forget to check out the total cost that you need to spend while maintaining and managing the website in future as well. So, let’s compare the price of both website building platforms to get a rough idea about the expenditure.

The users can get the basic builder of Wix for free of cost, but here you will lack all necessary add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. that require to well-manage a website and the free version also comes with irritating ads. To get additional features and to get rid of these irritating ads, you will have to get the premium plan of Wix which will cost you accordingly.

Whereas the WordPress can be a cost-effective choice for you as it is an open-source software which is available for anyone for free of cost. The WordPress users just need to get their domain name and web hosting for their WordPress website to install this web building platform to start building up their own website at a budget-friendly price. 

Customer Support

Being one of the renowned names in the web development industry, WordPress offers various platforms where the users can easily find out tons of tutorials and guides that can provide support to them in order to resolve their issues. The users can also find out community forums where they can discuss their problems related to WordPress with the professional WordPress users and they will serve an effective solution to them.

The Wix Users don’t have to worry about the problems that they are facing while using Wix as Wix have their own dedicated team for customer support. The team always remains on call to help its users troubleshoot at any time. The users can simply ask the team for help by scheduling the email or phone support.

Final Words:

So, we hope that our post, Wix Vs WordPress helped you to decide the most appropriate website building platform as here we described each and every important factor very clearly that can give you great assistance to make a wise decision according to your needs and requirements. We can also say that WordPress is far better than the Wix as it is bundled with a multiple number of features. But, Wix can also be a great pick for the non-techies in terms of ease of use. Now, it is up to you which one you are going to choose.

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