WooCommerce Pricing: How Much Does WooCommerce Cost to Run an Online Store in 2021

woocommerce pricing

In this Digital Era, Every businessman is switching from a physical or traditional store to an Online Store to match the pace of this competitive market. To create an Online Store, the WooCommerce plugin is considered as a perfect choice. Are you also planning to bring your business online by creating an online store? If yes, then you are making the very right decision as it will come to you bundled with high benefits. If you are new to the vast WordPress world, then we are very sure that you must be wondering how much WooCommerce costs? Is WooCommerce free or a paid plugin? Then we are here to answer all your questions through this article. Let us inform you that WooCommerce is a free open source plugin designed for WordPress and now it is powering 99% of WordPress e-commerce websites worldwide. This WordPress plugin was launched in the year of 2011 with the motto to offer a primary solution to the WordPress users who are planning to create their Online Stores.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you all set to launch your Online Store by powering it with the WooCommerce Plugin? If yes, then without wasting a single minute Install and Activate this plugin for your website to convert the entire world into your market area. You must be thinking that if the plugin is available for free, then we named this article in WooCommerce Pricing, right? Then, let us explain to you that obviously the base software is free which will allow you to stand your online store, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend a single penny to run the online store. The reason why the online store owners love to use the WooCommerce plugin is that the users have complete control and power over the WooCommerce Pricing which is totally customizable. When you choose any other eCommerce platform rather than choosing WooCommerce, then you will not have control over what you are spending to run your online store. But when you are using the WooCommerce Plugin, then the very first thing that you need to do is that you choose the WooCommerce Plan that perfectly fits within your budget. Depending upon the Online Store that you are building, on the basis of that the owners need to spend the money. So, let us give you a brief description of where and for what you need to spend money while creating an Online Store.

Overview of WooCommerce Pricing

Web Hosting and Set-up Costs:

There is no hidden price in WooCommerce Plugin, but it is just a plugin and with just an eCommerce plugin, you can’t run an online store. For this, you need to consider many other things as well. To create a full-featured Online Store, you need to get a host. Building up an Online Store Cost includes renting a server and it doesn’t need to be very expensive. Siteground offers a hosting plan at the lowest price of  $3.95 per month. Other than Siteground, you can also go with the other server like Pressable and Bluehost. The WooCommerce Plans can be of the cheapest price and also can be of the highest price. So, it depends on how luxurious your store is.  

An Online Store with WooCommerce Set-up Costs:

  • Domain Name: The very first step of setting up the online store starts with getting a professional domain name for the online stores with suffix .com, or .et address. You can also consider WordPress for this as with its hosting package, the users can get the professional domain name for free.
  • Professional Logo: The logo of your online store defines the brand of your business with this unique recognition sign. To get a customized logo, you can also hire a Graphic Designer who can design the logo for your business. But, if hiring a Graphic Designer is not your forte, then you can also go with the sites like Elance and Fiverr where you will find a freelancer who can create a professional-looking for your business and the Fiverr’s prices start at $5 for a basic logo.
  • An SSL Certificate: Getting a secure sockets layer (SSL) is a must-have protocol for every website and the price of SSL Certificate starts from $49 per year. It allows the customers of your online stores to let them feel the peace of mind while shopping from your store.
  • WordPress Monitoring: To ensure the smooth functioning of your Online Store, you need someone to keep an eye to closely monitor the continuous function. For this daunting task, you can get a professional like Bluehost’s PRO WooCommerce package that costs $12.95 per month. 

Designing and Theme for your WooCommerce WebShop

  • WooCommerce Theme

The WooCommerce Plugin is highly appreciated by the users for its compatibility with any WordPress theme. But, you can’t choose any WooCommerce compatible theme for your Online store. Instead of purchasing the theme carelessly for your website carefully consider each and every function and the feature of the plugin. There are a number of WordPress themes that are specifically designed and developed to satisfy the needs of the WooCommerce Site and such themes are positively contributing to make the products of your online store look as compelling as possible. So, these specific themes are a wise choice for your online store. The Divi WordPress theme costs around $89 per year, or you can also purchase the lifetime access for a one-time payment of $249. Now you must be thinking that the paid themes are quite expensive, right? Yes, these themes are costly because they are bundled with a number of advanced and revolutionary features to manage the affairs of your websites smoothly while ensuring the proper functioning of your store. But if these paid plugins are not a perfect fit for your budget, then you can also get a cost-effective theme for your online store which is the WooCommerce Storefront theme and it comes with quite impressive features. The free WooCommerce Storefront theme is a good choice for a budget-friendly starting point. 

  • WooCommerce Designing

You must be thinking that the WooCommerce is a good catch for your Online Store as it is an open-source software, but having this only is not enough. To build up a user-friendly, attractive and well-managed website, you may need other paid plugins and paid extensions as well. There are a number of things that you need to oversee as an owner of the online store to run the store smoothly. 

You will need to consider the following things for your Online Store:

SEO Tool: Building a website is like building a road without direction. So, we can say that SEO is the backbone of the website which is important to ensure that your website is appearing on the search engine results for the right keywords and phrases. Now, all you need to do is find a perfect SEO Plugin that can bring the visibility of your website on the top page of Google and there is really very tough competition in the market to get that position. When you are looking for a reliable and compatible SEO Tool, then you can take the Yoast SEO into consideration as it is highly recommended by the professionals for its advanced features. This SEO Tool will cost you $49 per year and we think that it is quite reasonable. 

Communication With Customers:  Communication with the customers is really very important to keep them updated and it also plays a crucial role to maintain a long-term relationship with them. Now, you must be wondering how you are going to keep yourself connected with your customers, then we will suggest you to choose a perfect email marketing solution to maintain the communication. You can consider the MailChimp as it is a cost-effective solution for you. It will cost you around $10 per month. 

Site Security: Site Security always remains a major concern of the users when they are using a shared WordPress hosting platform. So in that case, you don’t have to worry as there are a number of tools available in the market to keep your online store safe and also the details of your customers as well. You can take the SiteLock and Jetpack tool into consideration as these tools come with the basic security functions that ensure the safety of your website from any type of malicious attack.

Other than these spendings, there are few more places where you need to spend money to well-maintain the functioning of your online store. You can spend money on Social media marketing tools, Professional marketing services, Customer service support, and many more for expanded functionality. 

How much does the WooCommerce Costs Exactly?

When it comes to the WooCommerce Pricing, then you can’t quote an exact price as it solely depends upon the WooCommerce Plans that you are going to choose according to the needs and requirements of your online store. When you are deciding what WooCommerce Cost is suitable for you, then you are sitting on the seat of the driver as you have the total control and power over the customization of your WooCommerce Plan. If you are struggling on a tight budget, then there is no need to stress out yourself over this thing as it’s possible to create a fully-functioning store for the cost of a domain name and hosting plan (as low as $135 per year). So, you decide what features you want for your online store and according to that create your WooCommerce WebShop at a Cost-Effective Price by customizing your budget. There is no end to the features that you can add up to your WooCommerce Store to improve the functionality. So, go for it!

We hope that this article is giving answers to your questions related to the WooCommerce Pricing. 


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